Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the Second Moroccan Congress of

Neurophysiology SMNPH2017, which will be jointly held with the The First African and Middle Eastern Seminar on Clinical Neurophysiology and Movement disorders “PDRD”, which will be held at the Conferences Center of Mohammed VI Foundation for Education – Training, Rabat, Morocco , on 26th – 28th October 2017.

The basic goal of the Congresses is to update about the developments in the field of clinical neurophysiology, PD and related disorders and to exchange opinions in topics concerning the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of clinical neurophysiology “neurostimulation” . New techniques on current practical EEG, EMG and Polysomnography will be presented and conducted on practical workshops.

At the Congresses there will be lectures by distinguished speakers, with extensive research and authoring work, and active participation in medical events at their countries. In addition, there will be an update on the current guidelines, as well as interactive communication between medical specialties – neighbouring and non- neighbouring approving that the Clinical neurophysiology increasingly expands its therapeutic and diagnostic abilities.

It will be a honor for me to welcome your active presence at the Congresses, your participation and your contribution in Clinical Neurophysiology, Parkinson’s disease and related disorders.

We are waiting for you all!

Sincerely yours

Pr. Hamid Ouhabi MD

Co-Chair of the congress

Professeur of Neurology,

Clinical Neurophysiology

Chair of Neurology department

University Hospital Cheikhe Khalifa

Casablanca, Morocco