A non-exhaustive number of observations on the current state of medical and scientific research as well as therapeutic care in neurology and clinical neurophysiology, especially in Africa, is clearly reported. Besides, taking into account these observations would permit a better development of the status above.

The reflections concerning the organization of research, its financing, the necessary sensitization of decision makers, the status and the role of researchers and clinicians, network development and establishment of partnerships with foreign centers and organizations as well as the structuring of research, permits a better control over the current constraints. Some suggestions are formulated and each one of them must be adapted to the context of each country. It is only up to researchers and clinicians of the south to take appropriate decisions and develop them in equal partnership with other researchers and clinicians. Among these suggestions, the following:

  • The Potentialization of means through the development of real regional and international networks of researchers and clinicians.
  • The creation and offer of support by the North to the South equally.
  • The development of African databases.

Indeed, it was decided to think about organizing an event “congress” that will be an opportunity of exchange between African researchers and clinicians deprived from resources and technologies.

Similarly, those from the Middle East are also on the same axis as the previous but the majority of them have the resources that are allowing them to easily fund their research and clinical practices.

This meeting will reach its success with the contributions of the following international organizations: “AANEM, ILAE, IFCN, IAPRD, IPMDS, WFN, IFCN… etc.”

The themes are :


– Evoked Potentials and IONM

– Polysomnography and Sleep Disorders

– Neurostimulation « DBS for Parkinson’s disease and related

disorders,VNS , Neuropace, TMS, etc…. »

– Botulinum toxine injection techniques.

– State of art in Parkinson’s Disease and related disorders management.

Reasons for the particular topics selected:

  • High frequency of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders in African region and Lack of specialists managing these diseases in the appropriate Movement disorders clinics, and center of basic research on movement disorders.
  • Lack of Fundamental and clinical bases in the fundamentalists and specialists dealing with Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders (Physiologist, neuroscientists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, physical therapists, psychiatrists, students at the university…).
  • Lack of collaboration between the specialists and fundamentalists dealing with Parkinson ’s disease and Related Disorders.
  • Lack of multidisciplinary meeting at the national level to solve the difficult cases related to the Parkinson’s disease and Related Disorders.
  • Generate interaction and communication.
  • Serve the needs and interests of members and Conduct the society’s business
  • Inform members of new policies.
  • Convey new information to attendees on Clinical neurophysiology by Providing educational opportunities: enable members to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of Clinical Neurophysiology; to continually upgrade skills and knowledge; to maintain expertise in this discipline.
  • Give attendees “Students, researchers, Clinicians,…” an opportunity to present their research formally.
  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences and creation of new ideas in the field of clinical neurophysiology and provide an environment for free discussion of new concepts, research developments, and applications.
  • Enable meeting attendees, program participants, and society officers to interact socially and to make important contacts and to enhance the society’s visibility.
  • Encourage the establishment of local societies of PD and related disorders and others of Clinical Neurophysiology which will be the chapters of the both international federations.


The List of medical specialties for which the congress is intended:

– Neurophysiologists

– Neuroscientists

– Students researcher

– Neurologists

– Neurosurgeons

– Psychiatrists, ,

– Physiatrists in University hospitals and also in private sector .