The «MOROCCAN SOCIETY OF NEUROPHYSIOLOGY” is a non-profit organization which complies with the provisions of the Dahir of 3 Jumada I, 1378 (15 November 1958) as amended and supplemented by Dahir Act o April 10, 1973. This Association is opened to any person with respect of each one’s convictions, whether they are philosophical, political, religious, and economic or others. It is a national society with non-lucrative goal, located in Marrakech-Tansift-Alhaouz region but it works at a national level. It is made up of Founder, Active and honorary members.

  • The Founder members are those who have developed and approved the society’s constitution. They are also considered active members.
  • Active members are those who bring their effective and permanent contest to the activity of the society and its functioning.
  • The Honorary Members are those who support the Association with all power to realize its Objectives.

The society has as objectives:

  • To take part in the promotion of the neurophysiology.
  • To establish the bonds of mutual aid, friendship and experience shared between its members.
  • To contribute to the improvement of the practice of the neurophysiological techniques related to the experimental or the clinical field in Morocco.
  • To co-operate with various sectors concerning the development of the clinical and experimental neurophysiology in Morocco.
  • To take part in research and training in neurophysiology.
  • To arrange meetings, seminars, conferences and study days on experimental and clinical neurophysiology.
  • To ensure a medical, ancillary medical and technical continuous training in the field of neurophysiology.
  • To cooperate with any private or public organization, national or foreign having similar or complementary ends by conventions or treaties of co-operation and assistance.
  • To set up working groups in various domains of neurophysiology if necessary

The Bodies of the Society are:

  • The General Assembly
  • Administrative council
  • The executive Committee


For further information, do not hesitate to contact us at: